About Us


Hi there. My name is Lindsay and a warm welcome to Elvi Naturals - my ‘new age’ all natural, vegan skincare website.

 First, a little bit about myself……

 I began my journey of research and learning within the Beauty Therapy industry approximately 15 years ago.

 However, given the questionable ingredients comprised within the many skincare products on offer within the ‘beauty industry’ at that time, my passion quickly turned from my ‘day to day’ work as a Beautician, to studying the research and science behind skincare products, their contained ingredients, how they worked, and how they were absorbed and affected the skin.

 I have also studied and achieved the following:

  • Certification in Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Certification in Cosmetic Science and Formulations
  • Certification in Cosmeceuticals and Product stability

 Yet, throughout those years of focused research and scholarship, during which I had hoped to find reassurance and faith in the products which I was using, I instead became somewhat disillusioned, as I found it impossible to find a skincare brand which contained all of the required ‘skin nurturing ingredients’ and ‘ticked all the boxes’ for me.

 And it was during this time of great frustration that my journey began – to formulate all natural, active, vegan, environmentally friendly skincare products, which contained Certified Organic Ingredients, for myself.

I have now been formulating my own skincare products for several years during which my products have been tested, re-formulated as I found necessary, and then re-tested until perfection has been achieved.  

 My products also contain all of the required essential antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals which are the essential ingredients in the maintenance of optimal, natural, and youthful looking skin.

 My entire range of skincare products are formulated, labelled, and packaged by hand, and I can assure you that my research will remain ongoing in my quest to maintain, and offer the finest of all natural, anti-aging skincare products.

And now my Elvi Naturals is available to you.

I hope you love my products as much as I do and that they make a wonderfully, healthy and youthful, impact upon your everyday life.